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Christmas Orders and Last Shipping Dates

It's that time of year again when your searching for a thoughtful gift for a special someone! To avoid disappointment please be sure to place your christmas orders with us as soon as possible so we can make it and send it to you in good time. The shop will remain open while we take a break (once we get all the open orders processed through the workshop of course!), rest our hands, and spend some time with our friends and family :) So please be aware that any orders placed on or after midnight Monday 17th December will not be made until after Christmas towards the end of the first week of January. Christmas Last Order Dates:   Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: Monday 3 December Asia...

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Custom Order: Campo Santo

Late last year (Nov-Dec 2016) we had the pleasure of making up a batch of our slim leather card wallets for the small - but perfectly formed - team who created the awesome indie game Firewatch. Their custom branding came out crisp and well formed on the veg tan leather and worked well with the design of our minimal leather card holders. Hand cut, hand tooled and hand dyed brown, CS opted for my favourite colour combo with the hand stitched olive green thread. I couldn't resist trying out the stamp on the linen bags I usually send orders out in, and was thrilled when it worked out so well. It was the cherry on the cake, adding the finishing touch to a great custom order. Thanks again Campo...

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How to Hand Stitch Leather & Why it is Far Better Than Using a Machine.

At Hide & Home we pride ourselves on using traditional methods and tools to create our leather products entirely by hand. One of the main processes that most of our handmade leather goods go through is hand stitching. Although hand stitching is much more laborious and time consuming compared to machine stitching, it is by far the more superior stitching method and here I will now try my best to explain why!   All images ©Hide&Home   The type of stitch we mainly use is the saddle stitch. This style of stitch dates far back and is a preferred stitching technique for many artisan crafters such as bookbinders, leatherworkers and tailors for its strength and durability. Saddle stitching with leather...

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Hide & Home's Craft Stall Checklist

Got lovingly, handmade items to sell, booked a stall, but are new to markets and fairs? Us too! We attended our first food and craft market at the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells last weekend. It was a good learning experience for us, though we were lucky enough to have some friends who are veteran craft fair goers impart their knowledge onto us. Being new to the scene is tough as you never know what to expect or how best to prepare. Hopefully with our handy tips and craft stall checklist we can help you get prepared for every outcome for your upcoming market or fair.   Joe, pleased that I was taking photos immediately (Thank you for giving up your Saturday to...

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