Custom Project: Red Leather Satchel

I love making bags. I love the process, the complexity and the challenge of the creating functional but stylish designs. But we often don't find the time or space in the workshop and that is something I would like to change. My dear Mum has wanted me to make her a bag, specifically a red leather one, for years now and I've been putting it off until I felt I could make her something really special. So in our custom made spotlight we have a custom made red leather cross-body satchel.

Mum's all time favourite colour is red, and I paired it with black accents and solid brass hardware to give a striking contrast. The beautiful Tempesti leather works so well for this bag, its thick and durable and will develop a deep patina over time so should eventually take on a darker red colour. I wanted to go all out on materials, picking things that will last a lifetime. The solid brass hardware will never wear out, and hopefully like the leather it too should develop a patina over time adding to the character and charm of this little bag.

As always it's such a pleasure to make something special just for you guys and put our skills to the test. If there is something specific you are looking for, do get in touch we might be able to make it for you:

Leather satchel, women leather bag, crossbody bag, leather handbag

I used my tippmann hand sewing machine for the stitching of this project, simply because there is so much involved and this machine is perfect for bags. I bought this particular bit of kit for myself a long while ago with a view to make bags for the shop, but rarely use it! It has a big lever that you pull down then push up for each stitch that is great for thick leather, it clonks away quite loudly much to Joe and Oscar's annoyance. What I like about it is that also it is a link stitch machine you can use pretty thick thread with it still and because of the mechanism using your hands still you are very much in control of the stitching quality still. The design lends its self well to the link stitch, as the stitching is turned to be on the inside.

Because of the thickness of the leather it took around 45 minutes for me to turn it inside out! I knew it would be tricky but perfectly possible with patience and care. It was well worth the end result. 

I wanted to make the strap super strong as this will get a lot of wear and thin straps that wear out are pretty annoying. So opted for 2ply leather glued and stitched together with the tippman.

I love a bag that you can just chuck stuff in and know it will be safe, though a must for me is a secure way of keeping your keys in your bag. I wanted to make sure Mum could find her keys without upsetting the entire contents of her bag and know that she could find them in the same, safe place each time. This double ended keyring clip works a charm and attaches to one of her many Hide & Home keying I've made for her!