Pewter Tankard with Classic Brown Leather Wrap

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Pewter tankard with handcrafted classic corset style leather wrap makes a unique gift for folks who enjoy a drink, fantasy fans, D&Ders or leather lovers!

The leather wrap is handmade using a heavy weight of natural full grain veg tan leather. It has been hand dyed bringing out the unique and natural qualities in the leather and treated with a leather conditioner to rejuvenate the leather and give it a bit of resistance to the odd slosh of your beverage! The tankard is a Sheffield made premium pewter tankard holding one pint of your preferred drink.

The leather wrap is removable by undoing the leather cord at the handle should you wish to clean under the leather wrap. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products or accessories on your pewter tankard, these may scratch or erode the finish. Try not to soak or immerse your leather wrap in water when washing the tankard. If you get it a little wet don't worry, just dry it off with a dry cloth and leave to dry. The best way to clean it is hold it upside down while cleaning inside then dry in the same fashion, or remove the wrap and replace after cleaned and dry.

Comes in a gift box lined with blue silk displaying the tankard beautifully. Sent as a small parcel.

Height 11.5cm, diameter (excluding handle) 8cm at top, 10.5cm at base

*Please note that every item is made to order and completely unique each time. The end product that you receive may be slightly different from the pictures listed due to the natural qualities in the leather.*