Hand Dyed Leather Dragon Scale Bracer

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Complete your larping, cosplay or archery kit with our handcrafted leather bracers. Our dragon scale bracers both look awesome and are comfortable to wear, whilst most importantly, protecting your arm from any stray bowstring pings!

Handmade from vegetable tanned leather which is then hand tooled, hand dyed and hand treated to give the unique appearance. Pick from classic brown, blue & grey and red & tan. Comes in a long size to cover the whole forearm making it versatile for archers and cosplayers alike. Measures 18cm long.

The bracer is easy to wear, lay on your forearm and loop the cord around the back of your arm into the opposing hooks. Can be worn on bare skin or with a few layers of clothing in cold weather. Plenty of excess cord.

Made to order in 3-5 working days

*Please note that every item is made to order and completely unique each time. The end product that you receive may be slightly different from the pictures listed due to the natural qualities in the leather.*

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